L.B.W... series



   I started L.B.W.Y.P.D. series for two reasons, it's fly as f***, and I wanted to make a piece that inflicts thought. The idea came to me on a day a lot of people would call stressful, I was behind all day due to my alarm not going off at the right time, so this whole day I was rushing. Going into the late afternoon I realized my phone had died and I wasn’t in a rush to charge it because I had finished up most of my enviers and no longer needed to be in contact. I started to head home, got back in and instantly started my nightly routine. Hours go by, I don’t notice, it was like I was lost in time and my thoughts. I then realized for the past few hours my phone was dead. 

    Most of the time I would rush to charge it cause a brother got F.O.M.O, but I was chilling. This made me realize it's so easy nowadays to be distracted from the real, like what really matters. We are fed so much information a day, from others' opinions to seeing people win and fail, and the constant comparing that leaves an aftertaste of wants and lust over someone/thing not meant for us. It's so easy and pleasing that we forget that too much of one thing is good for nothing and we don’t unplug ourselves. we are so quick to charge our phones but so slow to charge ourselves. Nothing wrong with it tho, We are social, it's in us, I just wanted to make a healthier way to go about it. LIVE IN THE MOMENT - NISONI




Throughout my life I been called many names, my current one is nisoni. originally given to me by my mother for my clothing line, I started to call myself this name because I had no money to make it legal so I hopped this would be enough so no one could take it. fast forward to now this name is tied into more then just apparel, from music studio, acting sets, basket ball courts, to someones wives deep memory this name is known and is still building. besides flooding the streets with dope puffed up phrases that invoke the mental, i am a music producer trying make it. 

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